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Featured events this month:

Coombe 8 Multi-Terrain - 30 November

37 Paul Stead   0:59:17  
53 Neil Smith   1:01:23  
62 Jo Brown   1:02:29 6th LV35 prize
64 Rob Cox   1:02:58  
86 Sally Eason   1:05:42 1st LV45 prize
95 Tony Mackness   1:07:02  
101 Cath Fenn   1:08:06  
104 Spencer Davies   1:08:31  
106 Amy Burdis   1:08:45  
130 Mark Dalton   1:12:03  
136 Rich Cawley   1:12:46  
143 Liz Pharoah   1:13:23  
153 Claudie Combelas   1:14:01  
184 Frase Barrett   1:19:41  
201 Brian Hewetson   1:22:59  
214 Julie Cozens   1:25:42  
246 Helen Hodge   1:32:50  

Broadmeadow December Double Marathon - 29/30 November

Day 1 - 29 November

  Tony Bowe   6:04:00

Day 2 - 30 November

  Tony Bowe   5:30:39

Mud and muck galore!

Tempo Winter Series Race 2 - Ilmington - 23 November

76 Spencer Davies   00:51:17
79 Damien Pharoah   00:51:30
187 Linda Richards   01:04:01
212 Tracy Morgan   01:07:49
217 Helen Hodge   01:09:43

The official race distance is 10.13 Km

A wet day by any standards but it cleared in time for the 238 runners to get round in sloshy conditions - this time clockwise going up Camden Hill and down Larkstoke.

Colewort Hare & Tortoise Marathon - 23 November

  Tony Bowe   4:40:05

Midland 7 Miles and 5 Miles Cross-Country Relays - 22 November

Ladies 5 Mile - Northbrook Ladies 3rd place (4 to count)

4 Amanda Deavy   33:15
21 Kate Jones   37:55
22 Jill Pittard   37:55
33 Cath Fenn   41:21

Ladies Teams

4 Tipton Harriers   37
2 Wolverhampton & Bilston   42
3 Northbrook AC   80

Men 7 Mile - Northbrook Men 14th place (6 to count)

70 Scott Shepherd   48:16
81 John Wilson   49:26
84 Richard Hodge   49:39
98 Will Kirk-Wilson   52:15
113 Steve Galvin   53:56
122 Steve Handy   55:24
130 Damian Pharoah   58:41
136 Spencer Davies   60:31
137 Craig McNaney   60:32

Coventry 10k - 16 November

54 Spencer Davies   48:00

Broadway Trail Marathon - 16 November

73 Corinna O'Connor   5:32:36
76 Andrew Houston   5:39:29

Broadway Trail Half-Marathon - 16 November

7 Damien Dear   1:49:05

Dirt Half-Marathon - 15 November

  Chris Jones   2:03:59
  Martin Gavin   2:11:17
  Joanne Stacey   2:31:53

Autumn Shakespeare Marathon - 15 November

88 Tony Bowe   4:07:53

Autumn Shakespeare Half-Marathon - 15 November

75 Lyn McDonald   1:37:39

Autumn Shakespeare 10km - 15 November

7 Stuart Lumsden   0:36:58
237 Helen Hodge   1:00:50

Autumn Shakespeare 5km - 15 November

3 Jill Pittiiard   20:37 PB, 1st lady

Buff Enigma Fireworks Marathons - 8/9 November

Day 1 - 8 November

  Tony Bowe   4:15:20

Day 2 - 9 November

  Tony Bowe   4:34:11

Birmingham Cross-Country League Race 1 at Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa - 8 November

Men's A Team 2nd, 160 points (13, 17, 21, 22, 36,51)

Men's B Team 2nd, 408 points (55, 58, 62, 66, 81, 86)

13 Stuart Lumsden   41:29
17 Damien Dear   42:02
21 Martin Winch   42:22
22 Dave Almond   42:33
36 John Wilson   43:22
51 Scott Shepherd   44:09
55 Jonathan Seed   44:41
58 Richard French   44:50
62 Paul Stead   44:58
66 Richard Hodge   45:16
81 Pete Fellows   46:35
86 Mark Baker   47:08
96 Steve Galvin   48:17
98 Steve Handy   48:21
99 Will Kirk-Wilson   48:30
105 Tom Miller   48:58
107 Joe Kelly   49:06
111 Paul Robbins   49:32
114 Rob Cox   49:42
132 Damien Pharoah   51:54
134 Guy Bicknell   51:58
139 Kevin Coughlan   52:19
142 Spencer Davies   52:39
156 Craig McNaney   54:20
171 Robert Dimbleby   57:00
178 Fraser Barrett   60:02

Midland Ladies Cross-Country League Race 1 at Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa - 8 November

Ladies Overall 16th, 233 points (21, 102, 107)

Ladies Masters 3rd, 247 points (24, 102,121)

24 Amanda Deavy   25;36
102 Jill Pittard   28:45
107 Kate Jones   28:54
121 Joanne Brown   29:19
136 Lyn McDonald   29:42
149 Alix Almond   30:06
153 Cath Fenn   30:14
158 Sarah Booker   30:25
167 Clare Rowntree   30:55
178 Sally Eason   31:22
210 Amy Burdis   32:25
211 Corinna O'Connor   32:30
223 Liz Pharoah   32:56
294 Sarah Sale   36:35
323 Linda Richards   38:44
343 Julie Cozens   40:15

Full results on Bham League web site

We had†15 runners out for the ladies, finishing on the day in†16th place and 3rd Masters.†Some great performances on a very muddy wet day,†everyone played their part and it looks like Northbrook ladies can really make their mark this year -Amanda

Foxy@42 Marathon - 7 November

  Tony Bowe   4:26:41

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile - 2 November

33 Paul Stead   34:11
53 Richard Hands   37:41
59 Spencer Davies   38:36
67 Tony Mackness   39:18
108 Julie Cozens   47:21
110 Bernard Blundell   47:40
125 Helen Hodge   51:07
130 Angela Hands   54:09

Draycote Water 10 Mile - 2 November

48 Chris Jones   1:20:05
62 Liz Pharoah   1:24:50

Droitwich Half-Marathon - 2 November

58 Tom Miller   1:34:12

This was the fourth time this event has been staged, and was postponed from March due to flooding. I was delighted to do this as I was struggling with injury in March, so probably wouldíve pulled out (but being the stubborn cuss I am maybe not).† Anyhow it was set on mainly rural roads and the weather was perfect, cool, mainly dry, with a little light rain to cool the body. It was supposed to be mainly flat/undulating but from mile 8 it was like a rollercoaster up and down, but nevertheless a very enjoyable course. There were 3 water stations and to my absolute delight a ďJelly Baby station ď as well - whoopee.
The field was approximately 400, and the event certainly had a very friendly feel to it, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to do a non-Northbrook event. I was the only Northbrooker as far as I could tell, but there were a few Kenilworth and Stratford T-shirts. It was very well organised with marshals in abundance who were all very encouraging, although there wasnít much spectator support. As I said it was all low key.
Personally I was pleased to run a race without suffering any of my Achilles and hamstring injuries, and to achieve a respectable, albeit not stunning, finishing time, 1 second faster than my last half-marathon in Bedford last December.
I did my usual idiotic thing of starting off too quickly, and completed the first 6.5 miles in approximately 44 minutes and the last 6.5 in 50 minutes. Sorry John Wilson I just cannot seem to get this pacing right. As for the last 2 miles I was glad to find a fellow runner who tried to overtake me, but I wouldnít allow that and, yes I know she was a woman, but the competitive spirit got the better of me and I sprinted ahead of her over the line. I heard her say only 400m to go. Why does 400m at the end of the race seem like 400 miles? Anyhow, race completed without too much drama, phew. Definitely put this one on your list for the future Itís well worth doing.†
Finally, I would say that the training at Northbrook is excellent. I ran the Great North Run in 2005 in 1 hour 41ish so despite my old fart status, I have got faster. The only reason to my mind is the training available at Northbrook, so thank you all the coaches and members for providing that, and for the friendly and competitive spirit. However, you do need to work hard at these sessions to gain speed and endurance, so my new goal is to knock another 7 minutes or more off my half-marathon time. Good luck to everyone who is improving all the time, it certainly inspires me being part of this Club - Tom

Spooky Halloween Trail Marathon - 1 November

12 Tony Bowe   5:13:00

This race started at 4pm and continued through the evening in darkness. It followed the Pumpkin Trail Marathon (see below) which was run on the same course from 9am, earlier in the day. I had intended running both marathons back-to-back, but car trouble prevented me getting to the Pumpkin Marathon start on time. It was also car trouble that prevented me running the Snowdonia Marathon the week before - Tony

Pumpkin Trail Marathon - 1 November

3 Mark Baker   3:43:39

The Pumpkin Trail Marathon in Telford comprises 31 (and a bit) laps around a narrow hilly loop of 0.84 miles. The lap is in a nature reserve, and has two major hills, so most of the time I was either climbing or descending along stony paths. There is one short stretch of flat road in the middle of the loop.
The organisers provided a laminated lap card, which I wrapped around my wrist. I had to stop for a few seconds each lap so that the card could be punched. Food and drinks were provided, but runners had to pick items up themselves, and consume them at the checkpoint. This ensured that no litter was discarded on the loop.
There were about 40 to 50 runners at the start, and one young runner sprinted away to win by over half an hour! I soon settled into sixth place, but it became difficult to know race positions, as runners often left the course for drinks. I had been drinking every five laps in the first half of the race, and managed to pass some runners who were rehydrating every two laps. One runner suggested that I must be a camel, but I was happy drinking every four miles!.
The last part of the race, after 31 laps, required runners to turn around and run back 300 metres, then turn again to run back to the finish. This is where spectators could see who was about to finish. I noticed that the second place runner was heading towards me, when I had one lap to go. A lap later, when I turned back to face the other runners, I though I was clear. Suddenly at the final turn I could see two other runners heading towards me. I lifted the pace for the final 300 metres to secure third place.
The Pumpkin Marathon started at 9am, but the Spooky Marathon, on the same course, started at 4pm. Some runners were competing in both races, including the winner in my race! The Spooky Marathon required runners to wear head torches, and some Halloween surprises were promised. I was happy to complete one marathon, but Tony Bowe wanted to run both races - see report above - Mark

Warwick University Cross-Country Relays - 1 November

Men's Team

  Steve Galvin   14:00
  Craig McNaney   15:07
  Spencer Davies   15:16
  Dave Cooper   16:28
  Total   60:51

Mixed A Team - Silver Medal Winners

  Damien Dear   11:26
  Richard Hodge   12:58
  Spencer Davies   13:50
  Alix Almond   13:44
  Total   51:58

Mixed B Team - Bronze Medal Winners

  Mike Wheeler   12:33
  Paul Robbins   13:34
  Lyn McDonald   13:56
  Cath Fenn   14:12
  Total   54:15

Ladies Team - Bronze Medal Winners

  Sarah Booker   13:45
  Jill Pittard   13:23
  Amy Burdis   15:34
  Total   42:42

Northbrook fielded 4 teams at this fun event - a ladies team, 2 mixed teams and a menís team. The course is 3.3 km over tarmac, wood chip and fields. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the event even though I wasnít competing but was Team Captain/Timekeeper/Disher Out of medals/race numbers/etc. for the day.†

I havenít been to this event before†and I was amazed at how competitive and yet a fun event it was. All the Northbrookers did us proud and we were winners as well. The Ladies' team finished 3rd in their category, and the mixed teams came 2nd and 3rd in their categories too, so a splendid performance from everyone who took part. I have a number of medals to hand out to people who left before the awards ceremony, so see me on a Wednesday night so we can present them.

Just as a†side note I didnít realise how much work was involved being†Team Captain and I wasnít even racing, so well done to Amanda & John for all the extra work they put into these events, as well as everybody else who helps out behind the scenes - Tom Miller