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Featured events this month:

Pumpkin & Spooky Halloween Marathons - 31 October

Spooky - eh?

9am - Pumpkin Marathon

  Tony Bowe   5:11:40

4pm - Spooky Halloween Marathon

  Tony Bowe   5:25:15
  Amy Burdis   5:25:50
  Tara Lambert   5:25:50

32 laps of mixed terrain country track including 64 hills, a few mucky potholes and numerous characters from "The Walking Dead". Amy took first prize in the fancy dress, just marginally ahead of Tara - Tony

Stroud Half-Marathon - 25 October

  Paul Robbins   1:39:31

Ilmington Winter Series 10k (and a bit) - 25 October

  Tony Hughes   47:52  
  Spencer Davies   47:54  
  Craig McNaney   48:53  
  Sarah McNaney   49:04 1st in age group
  Cath Fenn   49:19  
  Allison Smith   55:00  
  Mark Smith   58:16  
  Anne Hughes   63:23  
  Helen Hodge   71:19  

Yes, its that time of the year again!!  Today was the first of the Winter Tempo Series over in Ilmington and the return of that hill (or mountain to most!).  This is a series of 5 races held on the same course but each month you alternate which way round you run the course.  Not sure which way is easier as it's a very hilly 10 (and a bit) km course.  But having said that, you are treated to the most spectacular views once at the top......that's if you can still breathe by the time you get up there!! 

It's a well marshalled and fairly well supported route but definitely not a PB one.  The route twists and turns round the country lanes surrounding Ilmington before finishing off at the Sports and Social club where you can re-fuel on cups of hot coffee, bacon sandwiches and of course the obligatory cake.  No technical t-shirts here but then it is a cheap-ish race to enter.  However, everyone receives a tray of sausages for crossing the finish line along with cash prizes for winning your age groups.  If you do manage to complete all 5, your reward is a very fetching hoodie!!  Great course.  Great location.  Great support.  Roll on next month - Sarah

Leicester Marathon - 25 October

264 Rebecca MacLeod   4:05:08 2nd FV50

I ran the first half too fast - at least 45 seconds per mile too fast and paid for it on the last 6 miles - 10 min miles from 20-24 and I think around 12 min miles for the last 2 miles. 
I had to keep stopping to stretch as my calfs were cramping up and I was determined I was getting to the finish.  Not bad though, as I was aiming for 4:15 and anything quicker was going to be a bonus.

Leicester Half-Marathon - 25 October

144 Tony Forde   1:32:10  
187 Tommy Dempsey   1:34:16 PB
211 Damian Pharoah   1:35:30 PB

Tommy, Tony and I headed the short distance up the M1 to Leicester to join with 2000 others to partake in The Leicester Half Marathon. Our clubmate Rebecca made her own way there to run the accompanying full marathon. The weather was near perfect for running and made all the better by the clocks going back and ensuring us a full night’s sleep to put us in PB form.
The course starts and finishes in central Leicester, heading straight out for the first 5 miles on the A607 before turning back and meandering round the paths and streets along the waterways.  The course is pretty flat.... until the last couple of miles where there is a 1km steady climb to test those already stressed legs.

All three of us agreed over a pint, a roaring fire, and some background jazz that this race should be more popular and we will hopefully be returning next year – especially if it is the same weekend as the clock change.

Great South Run, ca 10 Miles - 25 October

  Stuart Lumsden   0:59:16
  Mark Dalton   1:20:37

Crispin Crispian Marathon - 25 October

  Tony Bowe   4:57:02

Snowdonia Marathon - 24 October

  Amy Burdis   4:04:08
  Jo Steele   5:29:28

Beachy Head Marathon - 24 October

  Tony Bowe   4:45:51

Abingdon Marathon - 18 October

267 Peter Fellows   3:26:33  
314 Corinna O'Connor   3:31:16 PB
357 Guy Bicknell   3:37:35  
536 Andrew Pitt   3:59:16  

Welcombe Wobbler 10k - 18 October

47 Spencer Davies   45:36

The Welcombe Hills in Stratford is an area I was not familiar with, hence I wasn't sure what to expect from this one and I was shocked by the severity of some of the terrain that was involved; from a hill the organisers referred to as "Cardiac Hill" to the pace destroying undulations on the so called flat. Two laps gave me a chance to remember where to push, and where to pull all the reserves from. A spirited 1km finish (all downhill) left me on my knees but overjoyed with a time that I could only have hoped for at the start.

Birmingham Half-Marathon - 18 October

282 Trevor Knight   1:27:33
1188 Bob Adams   1:38:06
2539 Peter Kirkhope   1:42:28
3164 Mark Dalton   1:49:34
4414 Jonathan Boyd   1:55;14
4777 Tara Lambert   1:56:46
4919 Jo Arden   1:57:24
5130 Martin Gavin   1:58:14
5253 Mark Parker   1:59:08
  Leanne Willetts   2:03:19
6923 Gavin Lambert   2:06:46

Midland Cross-Country Relays, Uttoxeter - 17 October

Ladies 3 x 5 Km
16 Northbrook 'A' - 1:07:27

16 Kate Jones   22:22
16 Rachel Meredith   22:48
16 Cath Fenn   22:17

Northbrook 'B' - (incomplete)

  Sally Eason   22:31




Men 4 x 5 Km
18 Northbrook 'A' - 1:15:19

18 Stuart Lumsden   17:59
17 Graham Dodd   18:45
18 Scott Shepherd   18:55
18 John Wilson   19:40

35 Northbrook 'B' - 1:07:27

40 Spencer Davies   22:06
36 Rob Barry   19:26
35 Tom Miler   20:57
35 Rob Cox   23:31

Centurion Running Autumn 100 - 17 October

  Tony Bowe   23:12:58
  Sarah Booker   23:31:45

A superbly organised 100 mile trail race taking in the Thames Path and Ridgeway National Trails. Great Northbrook support and encouragement from Amy Burdis and Laura Stewart - Tony

Isle of Wight Marathon - 11 October

44 Dave Halford   3:49:00 2nd MV55

Chicago Marathon - 11 October

5580 Mark Baker   3:37:31

The Chicago Marathon was the final race I needed to complete the 'big 5' of London, New York, Boston and Berlin. I was concerned about my fitness as I had been 'wiped out' by a bug about a week before the race. I was still coughing and feeling a bit weak, but I was booked up and ready to go.
The forecasters said the weather would be unseasonably hot for one day - marathon day. Also the 'Windy City' would live up to its name. 
I was ok at first due to an early start, and I got to halfway in reasonable shape. Then everything got much tougher. The temperatures increased, and the hangover from the bug hit home, as all the energy had gone from me. The last few miles were very hard, and I just about managed to keep going. Eventually I got to the end with relief at completing my goal.
It took me a few hours sleep and recovery before I could face any food and drink, but I was fine the next day.  Chicago is potentially a fast course in the right conditions, and is a great experience. Let's see what the next challenge will be

Yorkshire Marathon - 11 October

  Tony Bowe   3:36:32

Alcester 10k - 11 October

  Spencer Davies   44:41  
  Claudie Combelas   49:35 PB
  Sarah McNaney   49:35  
  Martin Gavin   50:25  
  Craig NcNaney   50:27  
  Linda Richards   56:27 PB
  Chris Perkins   56:59  

This was the first time this event has been held and I'm sure it won't be the last.  Despite recovering from a slight hamstring niggle I decided to play it safe and run and enjoy the event.  So glad I did as the course is very scenic, something I was aware of as we have cycled over that way many a time!  Hats off to Spencer who put in yet another fantastic run, having done a hilly 10k the day before.
Friendly marshals were scattered around this course with plenty of spectators out and about cheering us on too.  It started on the High Street in Alcester and took you out towards the countryside in an upward direction for the first three miles before turning and going back towards Alcester in a downward direction!  A great t-shirt and medal were handed out for our efforts along with bottles of water, bananas and chocolate bars.....oh, and the obligatory pint of Erdinger!!!
Will definitely go back and do this one again as I feel it has the potential to be a PB course. (as proven by two of our runners) - Sarah

Milford Mash-Up - 10 October

50 Spencer Davies   49:26
97 Adrian Powell   53:38

This is a 10K trail event held in the village of Milford over Cannock Chase way, and is a great race in an amazing area where the route takes you over hills and through ford crossings. A big Thank You to Adrian for finding this one out and getting my interest - thoroughly recommended. Spencer

Chester Marathon - 4 October

l-r Tom Miller, Amanda Deavy, Martin Winch, Scott Shepherd

67 Martin Winch   2:58:34  
111 Amanda Deavy   3:03:59 2nd FV35
153 Scott Shepherd   3:09:55  
414 Tom Miller   3:28:01  
1890 Rachel Liggett   4:48:11  


Bournemouth Marathon - 4 October

  Tara Lambert   4:18:46 PB

Mablethorpe Marathon - 4 October

50 Amy Burdis   3:30:45 PB

Mablethorpe Half-Marathon - 4 October

45 Tommy Dempsey   1:34:48 PB

Heart of England Forest Marathon - 3 October

  Sarah Booker   6:08
  Andy Houston   6:08
  Rachel Meredith   6:08
  Liz Pharoah   6:08