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Featured events this month:

Thames Path 100 - 30 April

  Tony Bowe   20:55:00
  Amy Burdis   23:04:35

100 miles from Richmond, London to Oxford following the Thames river through Windsor, Henley & Reading among other places. The organisation by Centurion Running was excellent as usual. Conditions were good for the most part though temperatures dropped to near freezing in the night with a thick mist reducing visibility to only a couple of metres at times. Although the cut-off to finish was 28 hours, we both received the sought after "100 miles in one day" buckle for bringing it in under 24 hours - Tony

London Marathon - 24 April

537 Stuart Lumsden   2:44:41 PB
1567 Martin Winch   2:57:18  
3411 Steve Turvey   3:11:29  
4580 Tony Bowe   3:19:16  
5860 Sarah Fry   3:27:04  
6456 Rachel Meredith   3:29:36  
8149 Scott Shepherd   3:38:10  
8533 Amy Burdis   3:39:53  
13488 Claudie Combelas   3:57:52  
16231 Simon Davies   4:07:47  




Sarah was going for a world record
for the fastest female elf.

Waiting for it to be verified.


Stratford Marathon - 24 April

81 Peter Fellows   3:22:57  
224 Dave Halford   3:47:47  
282 Spencer Davies   3:54:30 PB

Stratford Half-Marathon - 24 April

1249 Helen Hodge   2:11:22 PB

Four Northbrookers out in Stratford with good conditions for both the half-and the full Marathon races. The full Marathonwas two laps, with the second slightly extended. A very well organised event and a slightly lumpy course gave two of us PB's - Spencer

Flitwick 10k - 17 April

84 Simon Jones   42:37 PB

Brighton Marathon - 17 April

  Tony Bowe   3:18:46  
  Corinna O'Connor   3:31:01 PB
  Tommy Dempsey   3:30:14 PB
  Clare Rowntree   3:31:29  
  Joe Kelly   3:33:38  
  Clive Horton   3:37:17  
  Sarah McNaney   3:38:32 1st in age category
  Tony Hughes   3:41:19  
  Liz Pharoah   3:46:42  
  Claudie Combelas   3:58:13  
  Adrian Powell   4:04:48  
  Craig McNaney   4:09:53  
  Allison Smith   4:09:53  
  Anne Hughes   4:52:01  
  Simon Sweeney   5:06:22  
  Martin Gavin   5:08:46  
  Katy Jones   6:08:08  

Once again the weather gods were on our side and we were due a sunny day with a light breeze, perfect weather conditions for the 17 Northbrookers and friends to run this very popular marathon, which seems to be establishing itself as a firm favourite among many of us.
The route was lined with thousands of cheering crowds, along with the Northbrook support crew doing their best to keep us motivated at every opportunity. For Clare, Simon and Allison it was their debut at the marathon distance and they certainly showed some of us how it should be done.  For others, it was our umpteenth attempt at the distance but still we ran as best we could.  PB's were taken by storm and even an 'age group' win was clocked up.  The run itself seemed to pass quite quickly before we all met up on the beach to dunk our legs in the sea to ease our weary muscles (or just topple over completely like Adrian decided to do). And then we moved on for the usual celebratory drink and debrief. In short, a great run with great running buddies who all put in impressive times and efforts.  Roll on next year - Sarah

Regency 10k - 17 April

50 Andrew McConville   39:40  
68 Amanda Deavy   40:49  
81 James Joyce   41:07  
89 Mike Wheeler   41:31  
144 Tony Forde   43:12  
148 Will Kirk-Wilson   43:39  
170 Paul Robbins   44:18  
223 Spencer Davies   45:30  
243 Darron Handley   45:57  
257 Kevin Coughlan   45:49 PB
429 Charles Jones   49:03  
446 Ian Paterson   48:21  
489 Mark Dalton   50:05  
588 Rebecca Jarvis   52:24  
918 Louise Myers   55:37  
1128 Helen Hodge   59:31  
1464 Julie Cozens   64:08  
1715 Ros Myers   68:39  
1719 Helen Wyatt   66:51  

An early start and a very sunny day met the 19 Northbrookers at Leamington Spa for the Regency 10K. Conditions underfoot were not the same as the weather above, as the first 4km felt more like a cross-country race than the Regency.
Once past the golf course the gaps opened up on the roads and left us all to finish in style - Spencer

Antwerp Marathon - 17 April

702 Robert Barry   3:39:37 PB

Manchester Marathon - 10 April

2126 Mark Baker   3:35:02  
  Helen Wyatt   3:46:51 PB
4520 Andrew Pitt   4:02:27  
4814 Cliff Evans   4:07:11  
6296 Joanne Stacey   4:28:33  
6556 Julie Liggett   4:32:05 PB
6944 Rachel Liggett   4:39:28  

A Coventry Way 40 Miles Trail Run - 3 April

30 Amy Burdis   8:15:00
44 Claudie Combelas   8:39:00
51 Paul Robbins   8:52:00
65 David Storer   9:18:00
154 Gavin Lambers   13:33:00
155 Tara Lambert   13:33:00

Warwick Half-Marathon - 3 April

99 James Joyce   1:32:47
138 Andrew McConville   1:35:25

Paris Marathon - 3 April

12294 Kevin Coughlan   3:54:55 PB
26313 Linda Richards   4:33:50  
30355 Chris Perkins   4:46:49 PB

41,708 runners took to the streets of Paris in a more than pleasant 21 degrees. Linda, Chris and I began our weekend adventure on Friday morning, ably supported by the trip originator Andy Houston who had to pull out. Together with Andy’s wife Jen and my other half Mary, the long weekend (Fri to Mon) was a treat to remember for a very long time.

This was my second marathon, and on a sightly flatter course than London, with the wide Parisian boulevards it promised to bring a decent sub-4 for the first time. All went to training plan really but the heat took its toll at the “classic mile 22” when energy began to wane. Ambulances became busy for the wall hitting runners in front of me.  Thankfully I survived that mass slow down in the Parc de Bagatelle (aptly named) as “wall hitters” were bumped into.

Andy Houston and support crew

I was over the moon with sub a 3hr55m PB, Linda almost matching her PB as she lifted Chris to an excellent 10min PB. So after much wine consumption, roof top tours, “In-Seine” cruises, quality French cuisine, some shopping, a quick flirt with some art…..oh and a 26 miles ran … we returned to Coventry on a Monday night Eurostar tired but tres jolie - Kevin

Kevin with Andy's colleague Alan Darby,
running for Birmingham Children's Hospital

Chris Perkins and Linda Richards



Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile - 3 April

29 Tony Mackness   35:38
36 Spencer Davies   36:11
93 Bernard Blundell   54:15

This was the last race in the series and it was a warm one. Only 3 Northbrookers (and one supporting Northbrooker and one supporting crew) made it over to Chelmsley Wood this month. Other events (local and international) had an impact on every club's attendance this month. It was a sunny morning which suited the supporters rather than the runners. For me, my relay legs kicked in half way round and took away everything I had going for me. Tony just got stronger and kept pulling away. One to look forward to next winter - Spencer

Midland 6-stage Women's Road Relays - 2 April

Northbrook, Team 137 - 34th

Leg 1 Sarah McNaney   38:42 27
Leg 2 Stephanie Laythorpe   33:44 49
Leg 3 Amy Burdis   39:37 44
Leg 4 Kate Jones   23:21 40
Leg 5 Cath Fenn   22:42 36
Leg 6 Sally Eason   23:34 34

Northbrook, Team 138

Leg 1 Clare Rowntree   38:35 29
Leg 2 Sangeeta Redgarve   34:18 51
Leg 3 Claudie Combelas   41:52 47
Leg 4 Helen Hodge   30:31 48
Leg 5 Incomplete      
Leg 6 Incomplete      

Legs 1 & 3 are 5.38 miles
Legs 2 & 4 to 6 are 3.165 miles

Ten ladies raced at the Sutton relays. There were many good individual performances, which led to a final position of 34th for our complete team. Thanks to all who raced, especially Claudie and Amy who used this race as part of their tapering, ahead of running the Coventry Way the following day - Clare

Midland 12-stage Road Relays - 2 April

Northbrook, Team 41

Leg 1 Tommy Dempsey   37:49
Leg 2 Spencer Davies   38:12
Leg 3 Graham Dodd   34:30
Leg 4 Oliver Jones   33:23
Leg 5 John Wilson   19:18
Leg 6 Tony Hughes   21:09
Leg 7 Pete Fellows   21:54
Leg 8 Will Kirk-Wilson   22:17
Leg 9 Tom Miller   22:47
Leg 10 Richard French   21:00
Leg 11 Seb John Jones-Brain*   21:00
Leg 12 Mark Baker   20:53

Northbrook, Team 42

Leg 1 Peter Kirkhope   39:08
Leg 2 Craig McNaney   42:39
Leg 3 Martin Gavin   48:09
Leg 4 Rob Cox   40:24
Leg 5 Adam McNaney   27:01
Leg 6 Steve Turvey   20:30
Leg 7 Rob Pool   26:24
Leg 8 Rich Cawley   24:55
Leg 9 Kevin Erne   23:25
Leg 10 Daron Timbrell   31:45
Leg 11 Fraser Barrett   29:44
Leg 12 Dale Kearney   19:48

Legs 1 to 4 are 5.38 miles
Legs 5 to 12 are 3.165 miles

Spring Relays were anxiously met as my first club event as Men's Captain. The weather in the morning was rainy, making me dread turning on the phone to see the latest batch of withdrawals. I was pleasantly met with one guy out and one guy wanting to run ... result. So two full teams entered and turned up with one reserve on the day (Paul Robbins) who was more than happy to be a non-runner. We did use the event to showcase Northbrook to some new faces and hopefully encourage them to come back and carry on running for us. Overall the club had 5 new faces running for the men and 2 new faces running for the ladies. The weather turned glorious and we all went about our stage runs as and when required. It was more hilly than I remembered, and the long leg certainly felt longer than remembered. The mass start at 4:15 gave us 7 members out at once so competition between them was certainly visible with our latest 2 recruits (Seb and Dale) putting in some fantastic efforts.

Overall, two complete teams finished for Northbrook and with all the last minute changes I was very proud of every one of our runners - well done  and thank you guys.

We will be back for the autumn relays but, more importantly, don't forget to sign up now for THE HILLY 100 - Spencer

Bath Beat Marathon - 2 April

  Tony Bowe   5:59:00

This is a new 20 mile event, replacing the popular Stafford 20 mile race nearby. The course is very rural and undulating, consisting of three identical laps, which was very tough on an unexpectedly warm day - Mark