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Featured events this month:

Coalville 10k - 30 October

23 Spencer Davies   45:06  
33 Rich Cawley   48:05 PB

This event was an off the radar trail/road 10K that Rich tempted me with. Conditions were cool, overcast but a bit greasy underfoot. Based in a country park we couldn't work out the route beforehand and the advice we were given was that it was 50:50 road:trail. The debate over trail or road shoes lasted some time but we both settled on trail in the end. We also both thought that this was never going to be a PB course but I gave it a try. Rich managed to take 44 seconds off his PB, a fantastic effort considering the terrain - this was a toughie!!! Slightly short for a 10K but the steep climbs on greasy grass and the slippery downhill road sections gave us plenty to concentrate on. Our supporter for the day kept us going as we passed her six times, and she even helped out with the abuse we received and the much needed hydration. Overall a fab race, thoroughly recommendable if you want something different to do - Spencer

Illuminator Half-Marathon - 29 October

  Claudie Combelas   2:46:44

As my grandchild was born in Aberdeen on the Tuesday I decided to look for a local race and found the Illuminator night run at Aboyne/Glen Tanar pine forest in Scotland. It's described as Scotland’s toughest night half-marathon. I think that’s because not only does it have some long hills but it also includes 5 dark miles over rugged hill trails with just the glow of your head torch to lead the way.

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 1 - 23 October

37 Spencer Davies   47:37  
43 Paul Robbins   48:19  
52 Tony Hughes   49:33 3rd MV55
84 Claudie Combelas   53:07 1st FV55
151 Jason Brannigan   59:57  
161 Anne Hughes   60:54  

This was the first race back at Ilmington for the Tempo Winter Series, its a long 10K course this time going anticlockwise, the weather was cool but once you started it soon warmed up.

Six6 Northbrookers turned up to tackle "the hill" and we all conquered it, although I did find coming down the other side much more fun. I managed to have a battle with Paul all the way round especially after Tony caught me at the top of the hill where I had got distracted by the views. Tony gave me the words of advice I needed and I managed to stretch out the legs to come home in my fastest ever time round this way. 4 more to go to see out the series - Spencer

Leicester Marathon 23 October

  Damien Dear   3:16:12
  Scott Shepherd   4:34:53

Leicester Half-Marathon - 23 October

  Terry Moynihan   1:26:55 PB
  Damian Pharoah   1:33:25 PB
  Joe Kelly   1:39:24  
  Clive Horton   1:39:30  
  Sally Eason   1:40:37  

Great South Run 10 Mile - 23 October

2500 Mark Dalton   1:20:08

Abingdon Marathon - 23 October

  Corinna O'Connor   3:25:34 PB

Draycote Water 10 Mile - 23 October

45 Mark Baker   1:17:21
89 Richard Cawley   1:24:44
213 Steve Damms   1:57:53

Midland Cross-Country Relays - Wolverhampton - 22 October

Senior Women
Position 27

33 Lisa Nowak   36:14
31 Louise Myers   34:40
27 Clare Rowntree   32:30

Women Masters 'A'
Position 15

12 Amy Burdis   32:05
15 Anne Hughes   38:08
15 Jenny French   37:43

Women Masters 'B'
Position 17

13 Claudie Combelas   33:20
18 Helen Hodge   48:49
17 Linda Richards   36:11

Senior Men
Position 37

38 Andy McConville   25:33
37 Steve Turvey   26:18
34 Rob Barry   26:17
37 Tony Hughes   29:52

Men Masters 'A'
Position 20

21 Kevin Erne   31:18
22 Rich Cawley   31:16
19 Will Kirk-Wilson   29:56
20 Fraser Barrett   40:33

Men Masters 'B'
Incomplete team

19 Spencer Davies   29:23
19 Mark Parker   32:19
24 Tony French   43:40

This was the first of the season's cross-country fixtures and I was glad to see a number of new faces and some more of us old experienced competitors using the opportunity to see if we could still run off-road. The going was firm underfoot - no need for spikes though some of us preferred them. The weather was sunny but cool though you soon heated up once out running. The course was 2 x 3k laps of a course that had its up and downs and certainly felt a lot longer when out there (I put this down to lack of fitness on my part and it being the first fixture of many to come). This was one of the few races where the women ran the same distance as the men and at the same time. It does create a better atmosphere on and off course. Twenty turned up to represent the Sunburst which gave us three full women's teams and two and three-quarter men's teams. The dreaded plague of injuries reduced the number of us that were due to go over, but a big well done to all twenty who made us proud - Spencer

Cambridge Town & Gown 10k - 16 October

  Adrian Powell   59:52
  Georgia   59:52

Heavy rain at the start failed to dampen the spirits as we started off from Midsomer Common smack in the middle of Cambridge. The rain stopped after about 1km and the very flat course meandered around Cambridge, running past some of the city's iconic buildings. Georgia wanted to run 'sub 60mins' and we were well within this by half way but with 400m to go it looked like we were going to miss it. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her home to cross the line in 59" 52', so job done!

Manchester Half-Marathon - 16 October

  Guy Bicknell   1:29:33

Birmingham Half-Marathon - 16 October

  Martin Winch   1:25:27
  Liam Mills   1:31:56
  Steve Damms   1:36:32
  Mark Dalton   1:50:23
  Ian Paterson   1:50:31
  Philippe Rawson   1:58:00
  Jo Arden   2:02:09
  Kevin Coughlan   2:17:28
  Martin Gavin   2:17:59
  Anita Sanderson   2:18:13
  Nadine Owen   2:25:18

Milford Mashup 10k Race - 15 October

53 Spencer Davies   50:22
89 Jill Pittard   54:16

This was a lovely sunny day, slightly chilly before setting off but you soon warmed up. Milford is a lovely area in Cannock Chase, well worth the visit for this race or even just a day out.  All off-road with loose gravel paths, large hills leading to spectacular views that made the climbs worth it, steep downhills and two river ford crossings. This race was more about the fun factor than the time. There were noticeable tumbles that happened out on course due to the terrain, but the first aid facilities were up to this - Spencer

Alcester 10k - 9 October

  Sally Eason   45:24  
  Tony Forde   45:31  
  Rob Cox   45:51  
  Charles Jones   48:41  
  Linda Richards   53:18 PB
  Chris Perkins   55:23  

Yorkshire Marathon - 9 October

  Katy Davies   3:58:02 PB

Great Eastern Half-Marathon - 9 October

219 James Joyce   1:25:16
575 Tommy Dempsey   1:36:46
1175 Clare Rowntree   1:48:17

Rugby 10 Mile - 2 October

22 Steve Turvey   64:09  
36 Terry Moynihan   66:43 PB
84 Damian Pharoah   73:05 PB
88 Tommy Dempsey   73:25  
91 Steve Damms   74:02  
113 Kevin Coughlan   76:13 PB
114 Sally Eason   76:28  
122 Rob Cox   77:46 PB
127 Spencer Davies   79:11  
129 Tom Miller   80:08  
162 Richard Cawley   86:30  

Barby was bathed in sunshine as we arrived at the cricket ground ahead of the Rugby 10 race. With the lightest of breezes, we were treated to perfect early autumn race conditions. Immediately before setting off, the race director passed on some sage advice to the 200 runners: save your energy levels for the second half of the race. Wise words.

In this final race of the Warwickshire Road Race Series, 12 Northbrook runners set off towards Kilby on a broadly downhill descent, before turning towards Rugby. A minor uphill section followed on the immediate approach to Rugby before sweeping through its outskirts on level terrain. We then turned back towards Barby where the gradient reversed and it was time to determine whether we’d followed the earlier advice. Early into the uphill section, Cart Hill was encountered which served to slash the pace of even the fastest participants. After topping the hill, it was then into Barby on an upward trajectory which again challenged stamina levels over the next mile and a half. Turning towards Kilby in the latter stage of the race, a great view was afforded over the Warwickshire countryside with wind turbines peppering the vista. The final half-mile of the event was again uphill, but on a less demanding incline before reaching the finish line in Barby once more.

Steve Turvey crossed the line first for Northbrook four minutes over the hour in 22nd place. He was then followed by Terry Moynihan and Damian Pharoah who’d been battling with Tommy Dempsey for position over the course. The remaining Northbrook runners finished in rapid sequence, whereafter the optimal Cart Hill ascent technique was debated in the post-race analysis over a BBQ hosted by the race organisers - Terry

Crickdale Half-Marathon - 2 October

  Simon Jones   1:38:57

Cardiff Half-Marathon - 1 October

1651 Simon Davies   1:39:50

Heart of England Forest Marathon - 1 October

  Liz Pharoah   5:01:00
  Linda Richards   5:59:00
  Claudie Combelas   5:59:00
  Rachel Meredith   6:13:00
  Jo Arden   6:13:00

This 28 mile off-road race starts and finishes in Henley-in-Arden and explores the countryside and woodlands going via Alcester and Aston Cantlow. The first stop even offered sausage and bacon butties! The day was incredibly wet with heavy rain for most of the course until the sun came out with a couple of miles to go.

A great route, and included in your entry fee two native trees are planted in the "Heart of England Forest" - Claudie


This is a new 20 mile event, replacing the popular Stafford 20 mile race nearby. The course is very rural and undulating, consisting of three identical laps, which was very tough on an unexpectedly warm day - Mark