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Featured events this month:

Wolverton 5 Mile - 26 November

  Jonathan Seed   33:53

Clowne Half-Marathon - 20 November

  Linda Richards   2:09:29
  Chris Perkins   2:13:24

With the lure of a hoodie for a £20 entry fee off we went on a very cold wet windy day. l managed to lose my water bottle before the start but that was the least of my worries, with talk of lots of hills and high winds, not to mention the cold. I decided to start my watch and, with wearing a long sleeve top, I didn't look at it again until the finish. This was a first for me, as with lots of problems with my hips and a longer race in December I just  needed to finish. We enjoyed the hills and high winds for most of the race, and my legs kicked in at 10 miles I'm happy to say. So I left Chris and kicked on with the last long hill at 12.5 ish miles as no watch to help me on my way. A very well-run race and a v nice hoodie each, well earned for us both - Linda

Coombe 8 Multi-Terrain - 20 November

  Jill Pittard   60:48 PB

Ilmington 10k, Tempo Winter Series Race 2 - 20 November

28 Spencer Davies   46:57  
31 Tony Hughes   47:08 3rd MV55
33 Paul Robbins   47:15  
81 Charles Jones   53:40  
134 Jason Brannigan   59:46  
139 Anne Hughes   60:45  

Six brave Northbrookers set out to climb what felt like the face of a mountain in cold and wet conditions. What followed was a cat and mouse run between Tony, Paul and me. Tony had the running of us both all of the way from the start of the hill to half way back down the other side. Gravity took over and I gained enough momentum to take the lead back, Paul followed shortly after but true to form Tony picked his pace up on the final climb back to the finish. This gave Tony 3rd in his age category. A special mention for Anne who is getting closer to her goal of sub 1 hour. Well done all - Spencer

Coventry 10k - 20 November

17 Mark Baker   42:51
51 Robert Dimbleby   50:13

Midland 7 Miles and 5 Miles Cross-Country Relays - 19 November

Women's 5 Mile:
Northbrook Women 10th place, 172 points

32 Amanda Deavy   38:54
33 Kate Jones   39:14
41 Amy Burdis   39:44
66 Claudie Combelas   44:06

Men's 7 Mile:
Northbrook Men 12th place, 579 points

79 Rob Barry   49:45
80 Richard French   50:11
87 Steve Damms   51:06
103 Tomy Dempsey   53:08
111 Spencer Davies   54:08
119 Tom Miller   55:20
132 Philippe Rawson   62:32

Eleven Northbrookers made their way to Bulwell Park in Nottingham for the 5- and 7-mile cross-country championships. We were met with a very good course, a club house with heating, ample seating, catering and even a licensed bar. Weather wise, it was crisp, not very breezy and sunny. The course was flat apart from one hill which was a sharp up and down followed by a ditch. The women went first and made the ditch party look easy; for me it was the best line I could find every lap. Overall we fielded two complete teams (the only Coventry club to turn up) and great runs from everyone who took part - Spencer

Seagrave Wolds Challenge - 12 November

212 Claudie Combelas   2:51:01
303 Brian Hewetson   3:18:40

Brian and I completed the 16.5 miles of mud, rain, road and hills that compose this 12th Seagrave Wolds annual challenge for runners and walkers. There were 513 finishers altogether.
As usual plenty of refreshments were available en route and soup/crumble and custard for all finishers. It is a friendly event in aid of local charities, and is a major annual social occasion for the people of Seagrave, who give up their time (and cooking skills). 
This is a recommended run for those who love a bit of trail - it’s been on our calendar for some years now - Claudie

Midland Women's Cross-Country League Race 1 at Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa - 12 November

Northbrook Women Overall 10th,
Northbrook Women Masters 6th

41 Jill Pittard   29:20
53 Sally Eason   30:23
56 Cath Fenn   30:46
64 Kate Jones   31:16
74 Sarah Booker   31:45
144 Linda Richards   36:54
169 Sarah Sale   39:23
209 Helen Hodge   43:29

Good performances by all who participated put the team in 10th position in Division 2 (all age groups), and 6th in the Masters race.

Well done everyone - Clare

Birmingham & District Invitation Cross-Country League Race 1 at Newbold Comyn - 12 November

Men's 'A' Team 11th, 482 points
Mens' 'B' Team 10th, 1056 points

41 Stuart Lumsden   41.21
48 Damien Dear   41:29
79 Martin Winch   42:51
96 Oliver Jones   43:41
107 Andrew McConville   44:06
111 Steve Turvey   44:12
151 Seb Jones-Brain   45:57
175 Damian Pharoah   47:31
176 Jonathan Seed   47:33
179 Steve Damms   47:41
184 Joe Kelly   48:03
191 Richard French   48:55
196 Mark Baker   49:26
205 Paul Robbins   50:27
206 Steve Handy   50:27
218 Neil Smith   51:17
220 Simon Davies   51:27
221 Spencer Davies   51:28
227 Kevin Coughlan   51:42
239 Rob Cox   53:13
246 Kevin Erne   54:18
250 Darron Handley   54:30
268 Philippe Rawson   58:40
271 Mark Parker   59:45
279 Tony French   75:42

Full results on Bham League web site

The first Birmingham League race of the season at Newbold Comyn was met with keen anticipation by Northbrook's 27 men, with only Division 2 present at this venue this year. After watching the ladies run triumphantly we prepared. Our first season back up and our aim is to avoid relegation. The weather was cold and drizzly, but the big news was "no ditch"!!! - removed on health and safety grounds. So 3 laps, 3 times up to the beacon (they moved it further back each time) and 3 times round the ditch diversion. This was never going to be an easy task, but we all had parts to play. Whether we were "A" counters, "B" counters or letting those counters know we wanted their positions we all performed out of our spikes. There were groups of Northbrook vests having their own battles all through the field, pushing each other on. There were smiles, laughing and shell shocked faces afterwards (just pain etched on faces all the way around) and rightly so because our first race and we are mid table, in 11th position ou of 17 in this division. I hate to say it but we require it all again gents, you have until the 3rd of December to recover. A big thank you to the supporters for the day, the ladies for sticking around to cheer and shout abuse at us, the injured runners who came along to make sure we knew we were never alone out there and for the two gents who helped sort us all out on the day. You made our task more worthwhile - Spencer

Club La Santa Triathlon - 9 November

Swim: 400m, Bike:15.2km, Run: 4.4km

  Richard Hands   1:12:22

Club La Santa Half-Marathon - 8 November

  Richard Hands   2:01:26

Club La Santa Duathlon - 7 November

Run: 2.5km, Bike:15.2km, Run: 2.5km

  Richard Hands   58:42

Club La Santa Aquathlon - 7 November

Swim: 200m, Run: 3km

  Richard Hands   20:36

Flying Fox 10 - 6 November

  Tony Hughes   1:16:42 2nd MV60
  Anne Hughes   1:35:10 1st FV60

New York City Marathon - 6 November

6358 James Lacey   3:38:54

Rockingham 10 Mile - 6 November

  Tommy Dempsey   1:14:11

Centurion Grand Prix 5 Mile - 6 November

34 Simon Jones   33:53  
39 Spencer Davies   34:59  
55 Rich Cawley   37:15 PB
58 Katy Davies   37:41 3rd in age category
73 Bernard Blundell   38:46  

A sunny but very cold morning In Chelmsley Wood for the first of the Centurion Grand Prix races saw five of us turn out to represent the sunburst. This year we ran the course in reverse with a different start place. As usual I set off too fast and Simon made me pay for it after 2 miles. As he disappeared into the distance I dug deep and got on with the task in hand. I was a surprise to just break 35 mins, obviously a good day for me. Everyone else had fantastic results with a PB and a positional place. This is a great series for those who want to do a race a month over the winter months - Spencer

Club La Santa 5k - 5 November

  Richard Hands   22:54

Warwick University Cross-Country Relays - 5 November

Northbrook Men 'A'
Position: 3rd - time: 44:45

  Damien Dear   11:29
  Graham Dodd   11:02
  Rory McPheators   10:39
  Stu Lumsden   11:17

Northbrook Men 'B'
Position: 10th - time: 50:36

  Paul Robbins   13:21
  Damian Pharoah   12:49
  Seb Jones-Brain   11:58
  Terry Moynihan   12:28

Northbrook Mixed 'A'
Position: 3rd - time: 51:58

  Andy McConville   11:36
  Sarah Booker   14:28
  Jill Pittard   13:47
  Steve Turvey   12:07

Northbrook Mixed 'B'
Position: 8th -time: 66:00

  Helen Hodge   19:22
  Rich Cawley   14:36
  Kevin Erne   14:29
  Linda Richards   17:33

Northbrook Misfits
Position: 13th - time: 52:17

  Terry Moynihan   12:34
  Rob Barry   13:07
  Rob Barry   13:03
  Paul Robbins   13:33

At the now traditional opener to the Northbrook XC season, we ventured down the A45 to Warwick University for their annual XC relay event to show the young upstarts how to run cross-country. Five teams braved the long journey and we came up trumps with two podium finishes in the Men's and Mixed team category.

English Cross-Country Relays, Mansfield - 5 November

Northbrook Women 'A'
Position: 104 - time: 44:26

99 Cath Fenn   13:28
117 Anne Hughes   16:59
104 Amy Burdis   13:58





Northbrook Men 'A'
Position: 145 - time: 1:29:59

161 Oliver Jones   18:58
146 Steve Damms   22:13
149 Spencer Davies   22:37
145 Richard French   26:08

Northbrook Men 'B'
Position:159 -time: 1:32:29

186 Tony Hughes   22:30
183 Kevin Coughlan   23:44
172 Philippe Rawson   25:29
159 Tom Miller   20:44